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protect car interiors from fungus

How to protect car interiors from fungus (mould) during rainy season in India

Much awaited rainy season has arrived in India. This is the most loved season by kids and children. But, sometimes, this can become headache if you are not taking care of your car properly. In this lockdown period due to pandemic COVID-19, we are not able to take our car for outing. So, mostly it will be parked in a shade and hence you need to follow some important points to take care of your car in lockdown.
One of the side effects of the rain is the fungus or mould in the interiors and exterior of the car. This can be a serious health hazard if not taken seriously. If you are allergic to asthma, you must read further how protect car interiors from fungus.

protect car interiors from fungus

First, let’s understand the mechanism of the fungus generation

Main culprit in the generation of fungus is humidity. During rainy season, window might be slightly opened. Sometimes, few drop of water or other liquid items, food grains under the car seats or wet clothes are left in the car without our attention. They can create and further grow inside the car. So, before leaving the car locked for long duration you need to properly check the interiors.

Now, how to clean it?

There are several methods to clean the fungus. You need not try all the methods. It will be confusing a lot. The best and simple method is to clean it with white vinegar. You must be having it in your kitchen otherwise get it from nearest kirana store. Fill this white vinegar in a spray bottle (may be an empty colin spray bottle) and mix water in a ratio of 3:1. This will make cleaning a lot easier and fun.
Spray in a small portion of the car interior and wait for 10 seconds and wipe with a clean cloth (preferably cotton). Slowly continue cleaning the complete car. After this keep the car door and windows open in keep it parked for some time in direct sunlight. It will help in removing the bad smell of the vinegar as well as that of fungus.

How to prevent the fungus to grow again?

Here are some of the important point to remember:
1. Moisture or humidity is the main source of the fungus accumulation. While parking for prolonged duration, keep in mind to thoroughly check the interior of the car.
2. Check if windows are slightly opened.
3. While driving next time, always avoid eating in the car (Though, it may be difficult if you have kids).
4. Try to use dehumidifier in the AC sometimes before parking it.
5. You need to pay special attention if you live near sea sore.

Car Maintenance in Parking

5 Best methods for car maintenance during lockdown in India

We all own cars which are not designed to be in the parking lot for longer duration. They have to be on the roads. But, due to this pandemic COVID-19 or coronavirus in India, it is essential to be remain in the house and keep your car in your parking lot for the safety of you and your friends and family.  Lockdown 2.0 has been extended up to May 3, which may get extended further. So, it is advised to keep your car in safe condition by doing routine check-up and maintenance if required. Proper car maintenance help in improving resale value of your car. Here are some of the important points to be considered for this simple task.

Covered Parking

It is always better to park your car inside a closed garage for safety reasons. But, this may not be possible for many of us. So, please consider to cover your car with car cover which are easily available online and offline at car showrooms and service centres. For convenience, you can keep this cover in the boot space of your car. Make sure to clean any dirt on car body before applying car cover into it. Then, you need to check it regularly.

Car Maintenance in Parking


Battery is the most important component in the car which can get malfunctioned if the car is staying parked for longer duration. Your car may refuse to start next time as it gets discharged slowly with time even if it is not being used. So, it is advised to just start your car once in a while just to warm-up and charge the battery. You may also take your car for a short ride to some grocery shop for buying essential items. This will keep the battery in working condition.

Oil and coolant

If the car is parked for longer duration you are supposed to check the level of oil and coolants periodically. Even if the car is not running, particles generated in the oil can damage the mechanical components in contact. You may also consider to replace the car coolant and oil if the car is parked for more than two months.


Ideal location to park your car is a flat surface so that you need not apply hand brake for all this parked time. You may use small stones near the tyres to prevent the possibility of moving the car due to some reason. If the hand brake is on for longer duration it may get sieged.


Tyres are to monitored regularly whenever car is parked for longer duration not only in this lockout duration. It is recommended to move your car a little once in a while which will help the tyres in keeping its shapes.

You may be very eager to hit the road again once the lockdown ends. Isn’t it? We all are! But, we need to take all proper care of our car as well as ourselves first. I wish a very safe life ahead for all of you.

buying second hand cars in India

Ultimate Checklist For Buying Second Hand Cars in India

Even though the automobile sector has experienced sluggish growth over the past few years, the market for second hand cars in India has attracted a lot of customers. Many prefer buying such cars to get good value for money. However, without proper guidance, buying a pre-owned car can bring its fair share of troubles. Buying a car on an ‘as-is’ basis is never recommended. Therefore, the buyers need to be mindful of checking certain things in order to clinch the best deal. 

buying second hand cars in India

What you should look for when buying a second hand cars

Inspect the engine

Checking the engine of your second hand car is a critical step. It gives you an idea about the wear and tear of the car. Don’t just rely on your own observation. Make sure that you get a mechanic to thoroughly evaluate the engine. Always check price of used cars at Used Car Valuation.

Ask for the Registration Certificate 

The Registration Certificate contains the DNA of the car. It has all the necessary details of the car including the VIN number, engine number, and chassis number. You should check if all the details from the Registration Certificate match the car.

Take your car for a test drive

The best way to detect any hidden problems with a second hand car is to take it for a test drive. Keep an eye out for any noises from the engine, suspension brakes, and gears. 

Check the battery

Most buyers forget to check the condition of the battery and acid levels. It is a great indicator of the general health of your second hand car.

Tires are also important

Look for wear and tear as well as the alignment of the tires. If you suspect that the tires will need replacement, you can use that to leverage a better price.

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Ask about the no-dues certificate from banks

If the present owner of the car had taken a car loan to finance the purchase of the vehicle, make sure that the bank has provided a certificate no dues pending. This is vital to secure a proper title to the vehicle. 

Enquire about the car insurance policy

The policy should be valid as on date and the renewal should not be due for at least 3 weeks. You should have sufficient time to complete the formalities for the transfer of ownership and reflect the same in the Registration Certificate.

Don’t miss these important forms 

Buying a second hand cars in India requires extensive documentation. As a buyer, you need to submit copies of Form 29 and Form 30 to the RTO. These forms have to be signed by the seller and are required for registering the transfer of ownership.


Make an offer only when you are completely satisfied with your inspection. Buying a car is a long term investment and also involves a significant financial commitment. If you are uncertain about anything, don’t hesitate to ask questions to the seller. If you do not find the answers satisfactory, don’t hesitate to call off the transaction. 

How to Sell a Second Hand Car in India ? 1

How to Sell a Second Hand Car in India ?

The market for a second hand car in India is booming as millennials are keen to buy used cars. It especially helps the first time buyers to save money and even upgrade a segment. Further, the rate of depreciation of such a car is slower than a brand new car. 

If you have such a car and are toying with the idea of selling it, follow the steps below. 

Sell second hand car in India

Selling a second hand car is easier than you think

Get your car ready for the sale

The car should be in top shape to attract buyers. Get a mechanic to thoroughly inspect the car and carry out the necessary repairs. This helps you know your car’s worth. Make a note of all the relevant information that will be required to advertise the sale of the second hand car. Such information includes details of registration, the state where the car is registered, details of the car insurance policy, the number of kilometers covered by the car, and the expected price. You can place the advertisement on social media, online classified portals/marketplaces, or contact a local car dealer.

Have a chat with the prospective buyers

Once you start receiving interests for the purchase of the second hand car, screen the serious buyers. Start your discussions with such buyers but don’t appear too eager to sell. Keep ample scope for negotiating the price. Invite the prospective buyer to inspect the car. Keep all the documentation in order so that the buyer can verify the information.

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Take care of the documentation

Once the deal is finalized with the buyer, set out a timeline for completing the process of purchase. Make sure that the delivery and handing over of the relevant documents takes place only after you receive the payment in full. Fill up all the relevant forms issued by RTO for the transfer of the car. Some of the important documents that you need to hand over to the buyer include Form 28, Form 29, and Form 30, original copy of the Registration Certificate, a no-dues certificate from the bank if you had availed a loan for purchasing the car.

Once you sell the car

You have sold the car but don’t relax just yet. Notify the RTO within 14 days from the sale and send across all the necessary documents supporting the sale via registered post. Inform your insurance company about the sale. Request the buyer to provide an updated Registration Certificate taking note of the change in ownership.


During the process of selling a second hand car in India, never feel pressured to go ahead with it if you are not sure. Remember to think through before you make a decision. Once you finalise the buyer, ensure that there is a written exchange of communication between the parties. Set out a clear time frame within which you want to consummate the transaction. This will also give the buyer ample time to arrange for finance from third parties.

Depreciation in price of used cars

Top unbelievable factors for best used car valuation site

If you are planning to buy or sell a second hand car, most obvious question that will come into your mind is “What is the value of my used car?”. There are already a large number of used car valuation tools available in Indian used car market. These tools are not so accurate and reliable as compared to that of KBB and edmunds. Such tools are very common in used car market in US. Development of such a high end best used car valuation site require car history and service data. These type of data can be obtained from all possible sources including car service centers, mechanic shops, insurance companies etc which is quite difficult. Used car market in India is still in its nascent stage and is un-organised. Some of used car valuation tools in India are not even close to accurate. Some tools are biased and promote their own inventory of used cars. So, you should not trust these tools blindly simply because of their high band reputation.

As an individual, it is very important for you to have an idea of the various techniques on how to find the valuation of your used car. Here are some of the important factors which contribute in the valuation of a second hand car.

  1. Model and version of the car

  2. Year of purchase

  3. City of registrations

  4. Number of KMs driven

  5. Number of Owners

  6. Condition of the car

  7. Accident history

  8. Service history

There is no thumb rule or specific formula in deciding how to use these factors in zeroing down the best price of the used car. It requires best data analysis techniques applied over hundreds of thousands of actual car price data sold in any specific location. Results obtained from this analysis is generally in the form of the price chart as shown here.

Depreciation in price of used cars

Best selling price of your second hand car can be obtained from similar chart. Which can be prepared using data corresponding to specifically for your car.

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This process seems to be quite tedious, hardworking and confusing job for most of us common individuals. This requires a lot of work and headache to arrive at correct valuation of the car. Fortunately, there is a best online used car valuation site developed by in-house team of data scientists at This tool is data driven, reliable, accurate, transparent and unbiased. There is no point for CarSangrah valuation tool to be un-biased because CarSangrah doesn’t own any inventory.

If you want to sell your car online, just check the valuation of your car at CarSangrah and post it for sale. Make sure, you ask for the best price of the car which is approximately equal to that shown in valuation page. This way, more buyers show interest and contact the seller directly which results in best price of the car.

Want to get best price of the used car? Check out used car valuation at

Most common mistakes people make while buying pre-owned cars in India 2

Most common mistakes people make while buying pre-owned cars in India

Now is the time when people in India are buying used cars online for their day to day requirements and not just for luxury or show-offs. The key reason for this may be because of value for money offered in used cars or pre owned cars as compared to new cars. It’s no more shame for middle class now, instead they tend to consider having a second hand car and are proud of this decision. Why not? There are several advantages of owing a pre-owned car. But, it is required to pay attention to few important points before finalizing the deal. Below are some of mistakes people make while buying used cars online in India.

buying pre-owned cars

1. Not checking tyres

A new car is fitted with tyres which are manufactured 2-3 months before manufacturing of the car itself. Date of manufacturing is found in the tyre and date of manufacturing is found in the RC book. Compare both these dates and check if any fraud is done by the dealer. New tyres are replaced after 30–40,000 KMs only.

2. Not asking for major repairs

Confirm with the dealer if there is any requirement of major repairs and insist to give it in writing to avoid some common issues later. Alternatively, you can ask him to post it for sale on and purchase it online from there. This way, seller will be bound to sign the required terms and conditions and buyer remains safe during transparent payment method.

3. Not checking original papers

Always check if the dealer possesses original documents of the car. Otherwise just check the duplicate documents and ask him to give in writing about the original documents. Do not finalise the deal and make payment without checking original papers.

4. Not paying attention to insurance validity

You must check the validity of the insurance. At lease, it should not have been lapsed. Also, you can check if any claim has been made during this policy duration.

5. Not examining odometer carefully

Odometer is the most common and easiest part to be tempered in almost all the used cars sold by local dealers. Digital odometers are even more easy to be tempered. This article discusses more details on how to identify odometer tempering while buying used cars.

6. Not contacting sellers directly

It is sometimes better to meet the seller directly and ask him the purpose of selling the car. Buying used cars from the dealers makes this step a little difficult. They pretend to allow you to meet the seller face to face. But, you need to be careful as he is mostly the proxy for the seller. In case of any doubt, you need to carry all the transfer papers with you and ask him to sign. He may hesitate to sign and offer you to give papers already signed by the original seller.

7. Not checking accident or service history

Most important thing is to check service manual for regular service history and insurance history for assessment of major accidental history or any other pending repair to be completed. Apart from this, also consider to take the car to any authorised service station and ask for details of services performed. Also check the date of last service done, this will help you to verify if there is any rollback in the odometer.>

8. Petrol or Diesel

There is a rule of thumb, “Buy diesel version of the car if your monthly mileage is more than 1000 KMs else buy petrol version”. This rule fits on almost all situations. More details can be found on which car you should buy, Petrol or Diesel?

So, It is always better to be a little aware while buying used cars online in India. It will hardly add few extra hours done on your research. But, you will feel extreme satisfied later.

A charging station for electric cars

Diesel cars are becoming extinct now. Which one to opt out of Petrol, Electric and Hybrid Cars?

As all of you must be aware of the fact that the whole world is struggling with climate change and trying for various options to save the future for our next generations. One of the most promising options is to cut pollution created by the exhaust emission coming out of the vehicles running on roads. Passenger vehicles are facing fear of planned ban from government in the future. It’s not likely to happen over a decade. But, one must take it into a serious consideration. It is highly likely that cars driven by fossil fuel (specially diesel) will get disappeared in a period of two decades.

What are the alternatives?

All the cars on the road need to be replaced with the ones having lower or zero emission. Petrol cars are considered to be less pollutants as compared to diesel cars. So, it is possible to keep the petrol cars on the road for some more time after banning diesel cars. Ultimately, electric or hybrid cars seems to be the only life saver at the moment. If you are planning to invest some money in purchasing a new or used dream car, you must consider these options also. But, first, you must understand the differences among petrol, electric or hybrid cars in India.

What is petrol car?

Internal combustion engines (ICE) were discovered to convert chemical energy from the fossil fuels to the mechanical energy into the wheels in a car. It was a great invention, still it is, indeed. Isn’t it? Engines in the petrol cars have two drawbacks. First, it requires petrol (off course) which is limited product available on the earth and is becoming costlier day by day. Second, it produces more pollution which, in turn, helping in expansion of the climate change. Time has come to discourage this type of conventional car engines by replacing with modern engines.

What is electric car?

Electric car, in fact, is the simpler engine technology for understanding of a layman. It just requires a battery, charger and an electric motor to power the wheels in the car. However, manufacturing of these cars requires high level of technology which is still under development. A lot of research is going on to make charging and discharging of the batteries highly safe and efficient. Battery has become one of the most favourite topics for the research in top universities of the world. Presently, Li-ion battery is found to be most stable for electric cars. Companies related to electric cars (e.g. TESLA, BMW, TOYOTA etc.) are not only developing improvements in Li-ion batteries but also, working on to develop batteries using completely new technology to overcome the drawbacks in it. We will stop discussing the batteries more here, otherwise this will become separate blog post.

A charging station for electric cars

A charging station for electric cars

Once you have owned an electric car, you can charge it at your home for overnight or at charging stations provided by the manufacturer of the car. Most famous manufacturer of the electric cars in the world in known as TESLA. Model 3 is most admired electric car, which changed the perception of the people by removing the fear of owing a useless car as compared to convention gasoline powered car engines.

What is Hybrid cars?

Always, hybrid cars have been very confusing for most of us. What we know is that it is basically a combination of an electric car and conventions petrol car. Certainly, it is. But, there are variations in hybrid cars depending upon how it couples both these powers sources. So, first, let’s understand what it is. There are mainly three types of the hybrid cars.

a) Hybrid Cars

In a normal hybrid car, petrol engine is supposed to charge the batteries which, in turn, powers the wheels ultimately. So, this way, car is supposed to be more efficient in burning the convention fuel and thus returning cheap running cost and less environmental cost. This type is not much appreciated as the impact of increasing the cost by adding batteries and charges etc. is not justified.

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b) Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles (PHEV)

Practically, this can be understood as a car which carries both petrol engine and electric engine simultaneously. In this car, you can get petrol in petrol tank and drive just as in conventional cars, also, you can go to a charging station and plug-in the charger and have fun as in electric cars. Some of the most popular PHEVs are Toyota Prius, Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, and the sporty BMW i8. These cars are still not available for sale in India.

c) Mild Hybrid

This type of hybrid car is such a combination of electric and petrol engine that petrol is mostly used to power the wheels and battery power is used occasionally in case when demand of power is low. Also, battery can be charged using regenerative braking which ultimately helps in improving the fuel efficiency as well as exhaust emission. Most common type of existing hybrid cars available in India are mild hybrid cars. There are several manufacturers like Tata, Mahindra, Maruti who are producing mild hybrid cars. My favourite one is Maruti CIAZ hybrid.


Hope, I have brought out some clarification of doubt regarding electric cars and hybrid cars in your mind. All of these options available to you carry some advantages and disadvantages. A car which is suitable to you may not be the best option for others. So, you need to be very specific about your requirement. But, one must consider an option of buying electric or hybrid cars. Presently, electric cars may not be looking to be obvious purchase, but, future lies in electric cars only.

How safe is it to buy used cars from classified websites in India? 3

How safe is it to buy used cars from classified websites in India?

You already know how affordable it is to buy used cars online, now a days, Right?

Now, it is becoming more and more simple and comfortable with the introduction of online marketplace for used cars in India. Also, there are so many options to choose within your budget. You are not supposed to take off from your job and visit local dealers for a perfect deal.

But, isn’t it that easy? You must have heard of many scams going on every day on some of the most popular classified websites like olx, quikr India. So, you have got better options now but with increased chances of being scammed i.e. risk associated with the online purchase has enhanced. Online marketplace for the used cars could not develop much trust like flipkart and amazon for eCommerce.

In one of the recent scams reported online, seller posted his used car for sale online at olx. After posting, many buyers immediately found his contact details and started calling or whatsapping. One of the buyer asked some more pics of the car and his id proof on whatsapp. Seller, mistakenly, sent RC book and DL copy for proof. Now, buyer posted a similar new ad on olx with the same pics of the car and RC book at much lower price.

How safe is it to buy used cars from classified websites in India? 4

This made that ad more lucrative. Finally, that buyer confirmed the deals with many other buyers and then collected some token money online. These genuine buyers were now supposed to collect the car from the actual address provided by the original seller. You can understand the situation of this original seller who was being threatened miserably to handover his car. He had to suffer a lot even when he did no wrong. Scams like these disappoint as well as educate us to be very very careful while buying and selling used cars online.

How safe is it to buy used cars from classified websites in India? 5

There is one popular airport scam, you must already be aware of. Another scam of changing Maruti to Mercedes in Kerala for selling online at olx was an interesting output from an innovative and intelligent mind. As already mentioned, there is a never ending list of these scams which are happening daily.

So, what is the solution now?

If you are a seller of the used car, you should opt for safe and secure alternative (such as CarSangrah) of these classified websites to post your ad for selling your car online. This way, you may not get inquiries from millions of the buyers (most of them are either fake or possible scam) due to less popularity. You will get calls form less but only genuinely interested buyers. You may choose to upload more number of pics of the car including inside and outside of it. Also, upload pics of the tyres, engine, boot, doors, music system etc. It will help the buyer to decide faster. You may also find best estimated price of your car before posting it online. Cars posted online with more number of photos along with correct and genuine price will sell much faster.

How safe is it to buy used cars from classified websites in India? 6

If you are a buyer of the used car, you have got many options to find a dream car within your budget. You can visit local dealers, visit online classified websites (olx etc.), other car specific websites (carwale etc.) or from any other sources. Only thing you have to make sure if the car is genuine (check accidents history, ownership etc.) and if the price is correct. You may choose to pay slightly higher but, you should not compromise on the quality of the car purchased. As it may prove to be more costly in the future. In this case, it is recommended to ask the seller to upload his car on This is very tricky part as most of the seller will try to convince you to pay no attention to all these tricks. But, you must be aware that CarSangrah provides you the ability to return the car and get back your 100% money if any information provided on website found to be false. Seller will be responsible for this. Payment, held with carsangrah, will be released to the buyer. Because of this, only genuine seller choose to post the car for sale at CarSangrah.

So, now, you may spread this information with you friends and family who are planning to buy or sell a used car.

Keep safe driving, safe buying and safe selling.




You must be eagerly waiting for an affordable SUV which is also fun to drive and fuel efficient or overall an all-rounder SUV. Your wait is going to be over now. Mahindra is giving a Valentine’s Day gift to all the citizens of India by launching a new SUV i.e. XUV 300 on 14th February. Fortunately, I visited Oberoi mall, goregaon, Mumbai and found XUV 300 on display.

Launch date of XUV 300

XUV 300

I found this opportunity to extract some information regarding its release date, specifications, and variations from there. According to information available, it price may be in the range of 9 to 12 Lacs (Ex Showroom price). And it has direct competition from Maruti Vitara Brezza, Hyundai Creta Tata Nexon and Ford EcoSport. Now, Let’s discuss other relevant information on XUV 300.

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1. Specifications:

Mahindra XUV 300 is coming in sub 4 m category and is claimed to be widest, longest and highest in its segment. There is no automatic gearbox option in any of the variant. Fuel efficiency is reasonably good for such a SUV. Petrol engine of this XUV is same as in KUV 100 (1.2 litre, 3-cylinder) with enhanced technology and turbocharged. Diesel engine has been taken from Mahindra Marazzo MPV. It is 4-cylinder turbo charged with higher torque and enhanced tuning required for XUV.

Dimensions and engine specifications of XUV 300

Specifications of XUV 300

2. Features

This SUV contains almost all the necessary luxury features, such as climate control, navigation, infotainment and sunroof, which makes it even more attractive. As far as safety is concerned, XUV 300 is going to have tough competition with Tata Nexon and Maruti Vitara Brezza as both of these SUVs have secured 5 star and 4 star rating respectively from global NCAP after crash testing. XUV 300 is also expected to have at least 4 star safety rating from NCAP.

Available features in XUV 300

Features of XUV 300

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3. Variations:

XUV 300 is expected to be launched with three variations.

1) W4       2) W6       3) W8        4) W8 (O)

Base model in W4 which consists of dual front airbags, EBD, ABS, ISOFIX for child seat mount, electronic adjustable outside rear view mirror. Diesel version of the base model will also have 3.5 inch audio system with 4 speakers. Top version will have 7 inch touch screen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto with Navigation in both petrol and diesel version.

4. Price:

Price of this outstanding SUV is expected to be Rs. 9 to 12 Lacs (Ex. Showroom Price) for diesel version and Rs. 7 to 10 Lacs (Ex. Showroom) for petrol version. This price range already has quite a good amount of competition ready for this newbie. For detailed comparison, a test drive or a very long test drive on highway is required to find actual feeling of the SUV. So, Keep visiting CarSangrah, to read this review after test drive.


Simple tips and tricks to increase fuel efficiency of your car 8

Simple tips and tricks to increase fuel efficiency of your car

Cost of the petrol and diesel in India is skyrocketing every day after de-regularisation of the fuel prices by the government. Currently fuel prices are at all-time high. This high price of the fuel is making it very difficult to run a car on daily basis. Unfortunately, we do not have any control over this hike in daily fuel prices. But, we can find alternate ways to save over fuel cost. One of the best way is to increase the fuel efficiency of your car i.e. get more mileage for the same amount of fuel. Here is a list of some of the important points which helps in enhancing the fuel efficiency.

Simple tips and tricks to increase fuel efficiency of your car 9

1. Keep the engine at proper tuning

Get your car engine checked if it is running at best efficiency point or not at any authorized service centre. By altering this setting, a car can get high power/torque at the cost of more fuel. This can be done at any service centre within 10 minutes. Some of the car owners deliberately get this changed to get a boost in the power from car. This is highly unadvisable. Also, it is required to get your oxygen sensor checked, this may contributes to the low efficiency of the cars.

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2. Keep tyre pressure as recommended by the manufacturer

This is the most important factor in determining the fuel efficiency of the car. Every car has a recommended pressure by its manufacturer. Always keep your tyres inflated with this pressure. Lower pressure will result in low mileage while higher pressure reduces braking power as well as road grip which makes the car unstable.

3. Learn the proper way to use gears, accelerator, clutch and brakes

Change your driving habits. Excessive use of the accelerator and clutch reduces the fuel efficiency. Use clutch only when it is required, do not run at half pressed clutch. It is always advisable to use correct gear while driving. Try to keep the gear at maximum level. Lower the gear while running at lower speeds. Accelerate and brake slowly. Also try to run at constant speed.

4. Get your car serviced as per scheduleSimple tips and tricks to increase fuel efficiency of your car 10

All the cars come with a manual or service book consisting of all the service details and its schedule. This schedule of service interval must be respected to obtain best mileage from the car. Also check for the recommended oil and filter change and insist on the same brand as mentioned by the manufacturer. Most important thing to remember is to get the service done only at authorized service centres.

5. Keep windows closed at higher speed

You may sometimes enjoy the nature and its fresh air from outside while driving with AC switched Off and windows rolled down. This, of course, will increase the fuel efficiency as the AC is switched Off and not consuming power from the engine. This, however, is not true if your driving on a highway at a very high speed (above 75 KM/hr). At such a high speed, pressure and drag force due to air become significant and need extra power to overcome this.

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6. Avoid idling at red signals

Simple tips and tricks to increase fuel efficiency of your car 11

When car engine is on but the car is not moving, i.e. in idling condition, fuel efficiency is 0 KM/L. So, always switch the engine off at red signals if stopping time is more than 3 mins.

7. Keep minimum load in the car boot

It is a general tendency of some of the car owners to keep some unnecessary luggage in the boot of the car. This contributes some extra weight to the car which, in turn, reduces the fuel economy of the car. So, you should keep only necessary luggage such as spare wheel, tool kit etc.

Following these points not only increases the fuel economy and saves fuel cost, but also reduces the pollution and make the world greener.

Save fuel, save world.