How to avoid frauds while buying used cars online in India?

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How to avoid frauds while buying used cars online in India? 1

Buying a car is second largest event after buying a house in India for all of us. Buying new car is sometimes not affordable and sometimes not advised. So, people start investing their time and money in finding great deal on used cars from OLX or quikr. But many times, buying a used car from unknown sources can lead to a fraud.

Now a days, as the used car market is zooming, a lot of used car players have come online to provide various services. This has attracted to many scams also. Almost daily, you can find some fraud by used car dealers online using OLX etc.

How do these frauds take place?

Buyer finds some attracting deal at olx or quikr and calls the seller to get more details. Seller tells that he is not available in the city now or he is currently out of India. So, to see the car, buyer has to come to the airport. Because seller has parked the car there as he wanted to leave India urgently.


How to avoid frauds while buying used cars online in India? 2


If you are still interested, seller will ask to deposit Rs. 10,000 as the parking fee to get the test drive of the car. Also, seller will make you sure that in case, you are not interested, he will return the money to you. But this never take place, he will never pickup you call now. You have already been cheated for Rs. 10,000. Some of the innocent buyers get caught in this dirty trick used by used car dealer in India.

How to avoid these frauds?

So, It is always required to buy used car from reliable sources only. You should always carry a good car mechanic or one of your friend who has some good knowledge of buying and selling used cars. Because once you have purchased the car and completed the payment, you cannot do anything even if there is some issue in the car.

After seeing increasing pattern of these online frauds, CarSangrah has started its innovative platform for buyers of used cars online. At CarSangrah, used car buyers are always 100% satisfied. Because buyer has an option to return the car within 5 days and get his money back even after completing the payment. Yes, Buyers gets the money back if he is not satisfied with the car or he finds some issue which was hidden by the seller.

CarSangrah is made to keep only buyer of the used car in center. Sellers at CarSangrah are required to accept the car in return if buyer is not satisfied. This is why, only genuine sellers post their cars for sale at CarSangrah. So all the cars at CarSangrah are 100% safe to purchase online. It is as simple as you purchase mobile from flipkart or amazon.

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