Best Way to Buy Used Cars in Delhi

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So the first step is finding a used car. Below are the common places you can find a used car:

a. Used car dealership – TrueValue, First Choice etc. parked-cars-1364808160M5x

Cars are nicely maintained and cleaned, any easily observable fault are fixed. But this adds an additional premium compared to same used car available elsewhere. They justify this by offering you free service a six months warranty and some free goodies.

I Never buy from them, but if you have 0 experiences, they are your best choice.

b. Used Car Dealers – Karol Bagh Market, Car Bazaars etc.

If you know 0 about cars, stay away from them. If you know them or are related to them then you can find a very good car, pay them nice commission and they will find you the best deals.

I buy from them, not from their Inventory but from the places they buy cars from.

c. Buy/Sell/Exchange portals – Olx, Quickr etc.

They just list cars, maybe offer Inspected Cars too, but have a lot to offer. Prices are generally high as there is no check (Everyone wants to sell their car for High Price but everyone wants to buy cheap, contrasting!!). Search for a car here and take a trusted mechanic along.

d. Used car Websites – Cartrade, carwale, cardekho etc.

They are the biggest players – converting used car dealers into their own inventory shops; Follow up calls, Inspection, detailed report about cars etc. They offer good services but again no one cares for one specific car out of an inventory of hundreds.

We, at, gives the buyer an option to return the car within 5 days if not satisfied. So even if you find some issues in the car after purchasing, you need not worry. We will return the car and refund the money.

e. New Car Dealers

Yes, you can find used cars there. They have cars coming in exchange schemes and maintain a nice inventory.

f. Bank/Insurance/Dealers/Police Seized Vehicle Auction

They are seized cars or Accident ones. Stay away from them even if you find yourself with sound knowledge about cars. They don’t let you see the cars and you need to Bid for them just by peeping inside from window. If you have contacts they offer the cheapest used cars*. (Wondering why? Read tips at the end)

Now the general problems faced while buying a Used Car:

i. Meter Tampering corvette-c5-speedometer

ii. Accident Repaired/Repainted Parts

iii. Rusting

iv. Engine Damages

v. Normal Wear and Tear

vi. Extreme case – Stolen car sold as used

Some Tips/Tricks:

a. Meter Tampering – If a car has new tires at 30K Km, the meter is tampered. Always look at the thread on tires, normally car tires run 50k km and need to be changed after that.

b. Bumper repaint is a normal thing, however multiple parts repaint is an Issue. This reflects rash driving that may have reduced Engine/parts life. Always check the car in board Sunlight at compare paint texture between two parts (Front bumper, rear bumper, 4 doors, roof and trunk).

c. If a car ran 20k km in 5 years this is suspicious. The car was parked for major lifetime that leads to Rusting (Significant in Coastal areas), Fading of paint from sunlight and of course Rodents like rats. Also look under the car to see any sign of damages.

d. If a car is driven by a Lady (no offence intended), always look for the clutch plate and suspension. I have seen many people driving with foot always on the clutch.

e. Always ask for Service History and cross check it from the dealer/service station.

f. *For auction cars, they are never cared for; generally covered in dust; parts are missing and are bought without any test drive. Stay away from them as long as you are desperate to buy one (Import seized cars)

Bonus Tips:

a. If buying a diesel car, take a long test drive (~5km) and check for any spill oils.

b. Always check the stepney (Spare tyre)

c. After market accessories should never be added in Price unless you want them and the seller has proper bills. Maybe a seller bought the ICE from Gray market and quoting you the market Price.

d. Check Alloy Wheels for crack.

e. Cheaper a Used Luxury Car = Higher the maintenance cost.

f. If a car starts in first crank doesn’t mean it can finish first in a race.

g. Always get Transfer papers signed from seller at transfer at the earliest.


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