5 Best methods for car maintenance during lockdown in India

Blog Posted on:-April 18, 2020 Categories:- Tips and Tricks

We all own cars which are not designed to be in the parking lot for longer duration. They have to be on the roads. But, due to this pandemic COVID-19 or coronavirus in India, it is essential to be remain in the house and keep your car in your parking lot for the safety of you and your friends and family.  Lockdown 2.0 has been extended up to May 3, which may get extended further. So, it is advised to keep your car in safe condition by doing routine check-up and maintenance if required. Proper car maintenance help in improving resale value of your car. Here are some of the important points to be considered for this simple task.

Covered Parking

It is always better to park your car inside a closed garage for safety reasons. But, this may not be possible for many of us. So, please consider to cover your car with car cover which are easily available online and offline at car showrooms and service centres. For convenience, you can keep this cover in the boot space of your car. Make sure to clean any dirt on car body before applying car cover into it. Then, you need to check it regularly.

Car Maintenance in Parking


Battery is the most important component in the car which can get malfunctioned if the car is staying parked for longer duration. Your car may refuse to start next time as it gets discharged slowly with time even if it is not being used. So, it is advised to just start your car once in a while just to warm-up and charge the battery. You may also take your car for a short ride to some grocery shop for buying essential items. This will keep the battery in working condition.

Oil and coolant

If the car is parked for longer duration you are supposed to check the level of oil and coolants periodically. Even if the car is not running, particles generated in the oil can damage the mechanical components in contact. You may also consider to replace the car coolant and oil if the car is parked for more than two months.


Ideal location to park your car is a flat surface so that you need not apply hand brake for all this parked time. You may use small stones near the tyres to prevent the possibility of moving the car due to some reason. If the hand brake is on for longer duration it may get sieged.


Tyres are to monitored regularly whenever car is parked for longer duration not only in this lockout duration. It is recommended to move your car a little once in a while which will help the tyres in keeping its shapes.

You may be very eager to hit the road again once the lockdown ends. Isn’t it? We all are! But, we need to take all proper care of our car as well as ourselves first. I wish a very safe life ahead for all of you.

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