How to find best second hand cars in India

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I am sure you must have got a shock when anyone suggested you to buy a used car. Isn’t it? There are so much problems with second hand cars. Right? After purchasing the car, what can I do if found that the odometer was rolled back? My answer is “you can return the car to the seller and get your full amount back”. Surprised? But it is true. gives you 5 days money back guarantee on used cars. So the problem reduce to how to find a perfect used car. In the era of advanced information technology, it is not difficult to find a used car with no fraud. Now I will make it simpler by giving some important points to be considered to find a perfect used car deal.

How to find best second hand cars in India 1

1. Decide make and model

First criteria for selecting a second hand car in India is to find a suitable make and model of the car. There are some popular makes like, Maruti, Hyundai, Honda etc. While there are some unpopular makes like Volvo, Renault, chevrolet etc. Some models like swift and i10 are the most selling new cars as well as most demanding in second hand car market. 

2. KMs completed

It is better to buy a car which has run around 10,000 KMs. As the depreciation in price has already reached to some level while performance of the car will not reduce in this time. Generally, some rich people will buy and sell new cars for their status. Others can utilise this process.

3. Fuel efficiency

Running cost of the car depends on fuel efficiency of the second hand car which is very important to consider before buying the car. It depends on fuel type (petrol, diesel or CNG etc.). You should opt for petrol car if your annual running is below 10,000 KMs. For more details on opting petrol or diesel version of the car, visit Petrol or Diesel.

4. Budget for the second hand car

Finalise the budget. Yes, It is obvious. But, you should keep a limit which can not be stretched. For example, You have a budget of Rs. 4 Lacs, you may stretch it to upto Rs. 5 Lacs only if you find best value for money. Always remember to check the the value of used car at Car Valuation before making the final deal.

So, you have found your car, now you have to search for it. Follow these steps to locate your car.

1. Search for your used cars online at Buy Used Car.
2. Make payment online or offline.
3. Get doorstep delivery.
4. Keep, drive, and inspect the car for upto five days.
5. If you are satisfied, your money will be transferred to seller and all papers will be transferred in your name.
6. In case you are not satisfied, your money will be returned to you and car will be returned to seller.

That’s it.
Happy driving.

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