Most common mistakes people make while buying pre-owned cars in India

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Now is the time when people in India are buying used cars online for their day to day requirements and not just for luxury or show-offs. The key reason for this may be because of value for money offered in used cars or pre owned cars as compared to new cars. It’s no more shame for middle class now, instead they tend to consider having a second hand car and are proud of this decision. Why not? There are several advantages of owing a pre-owned car. But, it is required to pay attention to few important points before finalizing the deal. Below are some of mistakes people make while buying used cars online in India.

buying pre-owned cars

1. Not checking tyres

A new car is fitted with tyres which are manufactured 2-3 months before manufacturing of the car itself. Date of manufacturing is found in the tyre and date of manufacturing is found in the RC book. Compare both these dates and check if any fraud is done by the dealer. New tyres are replaced after 30–40,000 KMs only.

2. Not asking for major repairs

Confirm with the dealer if there is any requirement of major repairs and insist to give it in writing to avoid some common issues later. Alternatively, you can ask him to post it for sale on and purchase it online from there. This way, seller will be bound to sign the required terms and conditions and buyer remains safe during transparent payment method.

3. Not checking original papers

Always check if the dealer possesses original documents of the car. Otherwise just check the duplicate documents and ask him to give in writing about the original documents. Do not finalise the deal and make payment without checking original papers.

4. Not paying attention to insurance validity

You must check the validity of the insurance. At lease, it should not have been lapsed. Also, you can check if any claim has been made during this policy duration.

5. Not examining odometer carefully

Odometer is the most common and easiest part to be tempered in almost all the used cars sold by local dealers. Digital odometers are even more easy to be tempered. This article discusses more details on how to identify odometer tempering while buying used cars.

6. Not contacting sellers directly

It is sometimes better to meet the seller directly and ask him the purpose of selling the car. Buying used cars from the dealers makes this step a little difficult. They pretend to allow you to meet the seller face to face. But, you need to be careful as he is mostly the proxy for the seller. In case of any doubt, you need to carry all the transfer papers with you and ask him to sign. He may hesitate to sign and offer you to give papers already signed by the original seller.

7. Not checking accident or service history

Most important thing is to check service manual for regular service history and insurance history for assessment of major accidental history or any other pending repair to be completed. Apart from this, also consider to take the car to any authorised service station and ask for details of services performed. Also check the date of last service done, this will help you to verify if there is any rollback in the odometer.>

8. Petrol or Diesel

There is a rule of thumb, “Buy diesel version of the car if your monthly mileage is more than 1000 KMs else buy petrol version”. This rule fits on almost all situations. More details can be found on which car you should buy, Petrol or Diesel?

So, It is always better to be a little aware while buying used cars online in India. It will hardly add few extra hours done on your research. But, you will feel extreme satisfied later.

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