How to overcome the fear of buying used cars?

Blog Posted on:-July 27, 2017 Categories:- News

If you are planning to purchase a second hand car for you. You may have to How to overcome the fear of buying used cars? 1 spare a lot of time to find a suitable used car within your budget. It is cumbersome process. What scares more to you is what if car is found to be lemon after making complete payment. You are forced to rely on the dealer. But most of the dealers are always searching for maximum price of any car. There will be no after sale service like in new cars. This is why people fear in buying used cars in India. However things are changing now. With the help of technology, now it is possible to make seller of the car responsible if he is trying to hide some critical problem associated with the car. Still, Here are some points which a buyer need to keep in mind before buying used cars online.

1. Find suitable car form various sources:  Depending upon your criteria (budget, make, fuel etc), you can find your car from offline sources such as local dealers or online such as olx, carwale or carsangrah etc. Then approach the seller to buy the car.

2. Find Valuation of the Car: There are various platforms to find valuation of used cars. But it is best practice to check price of the car at reliable source only such as Used Car Valuation.

3. Ask questions from the seller: Seller may be from any source, there is always a possibility of being cheated. So it is better to be sure than to regret later. You can insist to post that car details for sale at CarSangrah. He will try to avoid and make excuses not to post at as CarSangrah does not allow a faulty car to be posted. Even if it is posted with false details, seller will be held responsible and car will be returned to seller. Buyer will get his full money back.

4. Make payment online: In the era of digital technology, you can now imagine to make payment online and get your car delivered online free of cost just like you purchase a mobile or camera form flipkart.

5. Rigorous checking and Test Drive: After receiving the car at your doorstep, you check all the documents of the car carefully. Then have a good amount of test drive and get the car checked by your reliable mechanic or friends. If you are 100% satisfied with the car, just inform to carsangrah within 5 days and then your money will be transferred to seller account. So you get enough time to see the car unlike 5 or 10 minutes in conventional test drive.

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