Points to remember before buying a used car

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Sellers tend to show the condition of the car in much better condition than really it is. It is of best practice to buy used car from reliable dealer or online through CarSangrah. Anyway you should check following points before buying a used car.

1. Check odometer
If you are buying from a dealer, there is very good chance that odometer is rolled back. Even, digital odometer are also altered very easily. If you are carefully examining the car, you can find out easily. Find expected value of KMs by watching worn out clutch and brake paddles, tires etc. try to find last service details from company service center. Check for change in new tires. One set of tires lasts for around 40,000 KMs. So, if you see a car with new tire and odometer shows 25,000 KMs. This odo reading is altered for sure.

2. Check for accident history
This is very serious issue. Generally dealers will sell accidental cars without notifying the buyer. This way, they get huge profit. Lots of people realize that they are cheated after purchasing the car. But now nothing can be done. So, always find a used car from reliable source.

3. Make payment
Now you have found your dream car within your budget and found to OK against any fraud. You can make payment online of offline. It is not suggested to pay by cash. Online payments are much safer also you always records for future uses.

4. Paper transfer
Transferring of papers is a tedious job. You can do it yourself but it takes time consuming process. However, this can be completed with very minimal charges, if you are purchasing online through CarSangrah.com.

5. Delivery of car
Get delivery of car. Perform Puja and enjoy your life.

That’s it. Congratulations!
Happy driving.

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