How safe is it to buy used cars from classified websites in India?

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You already know how affordable it is to buy used cars online, now a days, Right?

Now, it is becoming more and more simple and comfortable with the introduction of online marketplace for used cars in India. Also, there are so many options to choose within your budget. You are not supposed to take off from your job and visit local dealers for a perfect deal.

But, isn’t it that easy? You must have heard of many scams going on every day on some of the most popular classified websites like olx, quikr India. So, you have got better options now but with increased chances of being scammed i.e. risk associated with the online purchase has enhanced. Online marketplace for the used cars could not develop much trust like flipkart and amazon for eCommerce.

In one of the recent scams reported online, seller posted his used car for sale online at olx. After posting, many buyers immediately found his contact details and started calling or whatsapping. One of the buyer asked some more pics of the car and his id proof on whatsapp. Seller, mistakenly, sent RC book and DL copy for proof. Now, buyer posted a similar new ad on olx with the same pics of the car and RC book at much lower price.

How safe is it to buy used cars from classified websites in India? 1

This made that ad more lucrative. Finally, that buyer confirmed the deals with many other buyers and then collected some token money online. These genuine buyers were now supposed to collect the car from the actual address provided by the original seller. You can understand the situation of this original seller who was being threatened miserably to handover his car. He had to suffer a lot even when he did no wrong. Scams like these disappoint as well as educate us to be very very careful while buying and selling used cars online.

How safe is it to buy used cars from classified websites in India? 2

There is one popular airport scam, you must already be aware of. Another scam of changing Maruti to Mercedes in Kerala for selling online at olx was an interesting output from an innovative and intelligent mind. As already mentioned, there is a never ending list of these scams which are happening daily.

So, what is the solution now?

If you are a seller of the used car, you should opt for safe and secure alternative (such as CarSangrah) of these classified websites to post your ad for selling your car online. This way, you may not get inquiries from millions of the buyers (most of them are either fake or possible scam) due to less popularity. You will get calls form less but only genuinely interested buyers. You may choose to upload more number of pics of the car including inside and outside of it. Also, upload pics of the tyres, engine, boot, doors, music system etc. It will help the buyer to decide faster. You may also find best estimated price of your car before posting it online. Cars posted online with more number of photos along with correct and genuine price will sell much faster.

How safe is it to buy used cars from classified websites in India? 3

If you are a buyer of the used car, you have got many options to find a dream car within your budget. You can visit local dealers, visit online classified websites (olx etc.), other car specific websites (carwale etc.) or from any other sources. Only thing you have to make sure if the car is genuine (check accidents history, ownership etc.) and if the price is correct. You may choose to pay slightly higher but, you should not compromise on the quality of the car purchased. As it may prove to be more costly in the future. In this case, it is recommended to ask the seller to upload his car on This is very tricky part as most of the seller will try to convince you to pay no attention to all these tricks. But, you must be aware that CarSangrah provides you the ability to return the car and get back your 100% money if any information provided on website found to be false. Seller will be responsible for this. Payment, held with carsangrah, will be released to the buyer. Because of this, only genuine seller choose to post the car for sale at CarSangrah.

So, now, you may spread this information with you friends and family who are planning to buy or sell a used car.

Keep safe driving, safe buying and safe selling.


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