Simple tips and tricks to increase fuel efficiency of your car

Cost of the petrol and diesel in India is skyrocketing every day after de-regularisation of the fuel prices by the government. Currently fuel prices are at all-time high. This high price of the fuel is making it very difficult to run a car on daily basis. Unfortunately, we do not have any control over this hike in daily fuel prices. But, we can find alternate ways to save over fuel cost. One of the best way is to increase the fuel efficiency of your car i.e. get more mileage for the same amount of fuel. Here is a list of some of the important points which helps in enhancing the fuel efficiency.

1. Keep the engine at proper tuning

Get your car engine checked if it is running at best efficiency point or not at any authorized service centre. By altering this setting, a car can get high power/torque at the cost of more fuel. This can be done at any service centre within 10 minutes. Some of the car owners deliberately get this changed to get a boost in the power from car. This is highly unadvisable. Also, it is required to get your oxygen sensor checked, this may contributes to the low efficiency of the cars.

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2. Keep tyre pressure as recommended by the manufacturer

This is the most important factor in determining the fuel efficiency of the car. Every car has a recommended pressure by its manufacturer. Always keep your tyres inflated with this pressure. Lower pressure will result in low mileage while higher pressure reduces braking power as well as road grip which makes the car unstable.

3. Learn the proper way to use gears, accelerator, clutch and brakes

Change your driving habits. Excessive use of the accelerator and clutch reduces the fuel efficiency. Use clutch only when it is required, do not run at half pressed clutch. It is always advisable to use correct gear while driving. Try to keep the gear at maximum level. Lower the gear while running at lower speeds. Accelerate and brake slowly. Also try to run at constant speed.

4. Get your car serviced as per schedule

All the cars come with a manual or service book consisting of all the service details and its schedule. This schedule of service interval must be respected to obtain best mileage from the car. Also check for the recommended oil and filter change and insist on the same brand as mentioned by the manufacturer. Most important thing to remember is to get the service done only at authorized service centres.

5. Keep windows closed at higher speed

You may sometimes enjoy the nature and its fresh air from outside while driving with AC switched Off and windows rolled down. This, of course, will increase the fuel efficiency as the AC is switched Off and not consuming power from the engine. This, however, is not true if your driving on a highway at a very high speed (above 75 KM/hr). At such a high speed, pressure and drag force due to air become significant and need extra power to overcome this.

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6. Avoid idling at red signals

When car engine is on but the car is not moving, i.e. in idling condition, fuel efficiency is 0 KM/L. So, always switch the engine off at red signals if stopping time is more than 3 mins.

7. Keep minimum load in the car boot

It is a general tendency of some of the car owners to keep some unnecessary luggage in the boot of the car. This contributes some extra weight to the car which, in turn, reduces the fuel economy of the car. So, you should keep only necessary luggage such as spare wheel, tool kit etc.

Following these points not only increases the fuel economy and saves fuel cost, but also reduces the pollution and make the world greener.

Save fuel, save world.

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