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If you are planning to buy or sell a second hand car, most obvious question that will come into your mind is “What is the value of my used car?”. There are already a large number of used car valuation tools available in Indian used car market. These tools are not so accurate and reliable as compared to that of KBB and edmunds. Such tools are very common in used car market in US. Development of such a high end best used car valuation site require car history and service data. These type of data can be obtained from all possible sources including car service centers, mechanic shops, insurance companies etc which is quite difficult. Used car market in India is still in its nascent stage and is un-organised. Some of used car valuation tools in India are not even close to accurate. Some tools are biased and promote their own inventory of used cars. So, you should not trust these tools blindly simply because of their high band reputation.

As an individual, it is very important for you to have an idea of the various techniques on how to find the valuation of your used car. Here are some of the important factors which contribute in the valuation of a second hand car.

  1. Model and version of the car

  2. Year of purchase

  3. City of registrations

  4. Number of KMs driven

  5. Number of Owners

  6. Condition of the car

  7. Accident history

  8. Service history

There is no thumb rule or specific formula in deciding how to use these factors in zeroing down the best price of the used car. It requires best data analysis techniques applied over hundreds of thousands of actual car price data sold in any specific location. Results obtained from this analysis is generally in the form of the price chart as shown here.

Depreciation in price of used cars

Best selling price of your second hand car can be obtained from similar chart. Which can be prepared using data corresponding to specifically for your car.

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This process seems to be quite tedious, hardworking and confusing job for most of us common individuals. This requires a lot of work and headache to arrive at correct valuation of the car. Fortunately, there is a best online used car valuation site developed by in-house team of data scientists at This tool is data driven, reliable, accurate, transparent and unbiased. There is no point for CarSangrah valuation tool to be un-biased because CarSangrah doesn’t own any inventory.

If you want to sell your car online, just check the valuation of your car at CarSangrah and post it for sale. Make sure, you ask for the best price of the car which is approximately equal to that shown in valuation page. This way, more buyers show interest and contact the seller directly which results in best price of the car.

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