An useful guide to sell your used car easily at best price

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In this era of online world, it is not expected to go to dealers or friends and family for selling your used second hand car. Seeking to sell used car online is not only convenient but aslo fetches best price. There are so many options available online also. But, most of them are useless. After posting free ads online on classified sites, seller start receiving a ton of phone calls. Seller feels to be in a customer care executive of a company. It becomes a headache. Sometimes people come to see the car, test drive the car, negotiate the price, waste your time, irritate you and leave.

If these things frightening you, read further to know how to sell your used in best possible way at best price with no headache. Here is a step by step guide to sell a car online.

  1. Preparation before posting online

    Wash your car properly from inside and outside. Take at least 4 pics of interior and 4 pics of exterior and also include some pics of engine, tyres, dashboard and speedometer using good camera.

  2. Find valuation of your second hand car

    Sell used cars at CarSangrah

    How to sell a car for maximum price is a difficult part of selling your car online. Getting correct estimation of car value is a crucial task for listing. Underestimation of car value will lead to obvious loss to the seller. Overestimation of the car value will lead to delay in settlement and sometimes no sale also. So, it is required to find estimate of used cars at  Used Car Valuation. This value is to be used while posting your car for sale

  3. Post car details online

    Now visit CarSangrah and post your car details for sale at Sell Your Car. Upload all the photos also. Good quality photos always attract best deals in a very less time. Posting car details and uploading car photos is extremely easy does take more than 2 minutes.

  4. Advantages of CarSangrah

    Unlike all other classified sites, you will not be bombarded with fake buyers to waste your precious time. Only genuine buyers who are really interested will call you to know some more details of the car. If he is satisfied, he will make complete payment online at CarSangrah. Then CarSangrah team will contact you regarding further process. It is really very convenient and simple process. Also, CarSangrah doesn’t ask for any commission or brokerage for any car deal.

  5. That’s it. Just sit back and relax.

    After buyer has made the payment, you just need to sit back and relax as the further process will be taken over by CarSangrah team personally. Seller gets the whole amount transferred into his account with 5 days after buyers confirms the purchase and is satisfied.


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