Why should you buy a used car?

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So, you have decided to buy a car. Now next question is whether to go for new or used car? Well, that depends on your requirements.

When answering this question, each one you must find your own life and financial requirements. For most, it is better to buy a used one.

We have examined the Pros and Cons of buying a used car.


Pros :

1. Value for money:

The best thing about used cars in the value for money. You always get much better used car as compared with new one for same price. Suppose your budget is 5 Lacs, then you can buy new Maruti Wagon R, Chevrolet beat or Hyundai I10. But if you want used car, you can buy 2 year old Maruti Swift, dzire, Hyundai I20, Hyundai Xcent etc.

2. Reliability:

Other major advantage of used car is its Reliability. All manufacturing defects can be seen within 2 years only. So you get a defect free car as it has already crossed the 2 years.

3. Warranty

Main concern of buying a used car is “What will I do if there comes a serious issue after purchasing the car?”. Even if you purchase a certified used car from true value or elsewhere, you may still be cheated. They will convince you that the car is processed after 100 points or 170 points checklist. But, All this is certainly not believable. CarSangrah has brought a SMART way of buying a used cars. This gives you freedom to own a car for five days before purchasing. So you get your car checked properly during this period. If you are not satisfied, you can return the car and get your money back.

4. Affordable

Now a days, people are not purchasing cars as a luxury item. It is now required for daily life and convenience too. But it is costly to afford new cars. While you may find used cars within your budget. You can find good condition used car even in 1.5 Lakhs.

5. Depreciation

Price of new car reduces by 10% in 6 months and half in 5 years. But, used cars does not depreciate so fast. So the value of your car remains almost same. This is useful when you want to resale the car.


1. Risk

As we have already mentioned that the main concern in buying a used car is the peace of mind. Buying used cars is a risk just like buying a lottery. But, CarSangrah has made this process simple. Now, you buy cheap used cars and get peace of mind free.

2. Maintenance

Unlike earlier days, technology has developer a lot now. Cars are now designed for being like new for longer time. So you need not worry about this.

3. Finding suitable car

It is very difficult to spot a car which satisfies all your criteria (price, KMs, fuel type etc.). in earlier days, this was tiresome process. You need to contact many people walk to many dealers, garages and individuals etc. But, Now you can buy affordable used car online at very easily at CarSangrah.

So, we have provided all the information regarding buying of used cars. Now its your turn to take the decision.

Best of luck.

Happy driving!

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