Is it worth to buy a used car with certification/inspection reports?

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Buying a used car in India is not considered as a luxury. People Is it worth to buy a used car with certification/inspection reports? 1buy a used car only when it is necessary. But, sometimes, it is a good idea to buy a used car even if you can afford to buy a new car. Buyer of a used car always tends to find a car that suits his budget and requirement. However he also wants to have reliability and expects a long term association with the car with almost no maintenance. Hence, He prefers to buy it from trusted sources (e.g. Maruti true value, mahindra first choice etc., which provides certified used cars and inspection reports) and results in paying a lot more than its actual value. This extra payment gives him the peace of mind. But, sometimes, buyers are cheated even after paying this extra money. He later finds that the car was actually much older than as mentioned in the odometer or have met with a major accident and this information was not mentioned at the time of purchasing. Finally, when the buyer of the used cars comes to know about this scam, he feels cheated but can not do anything now.

How to avoid this scam from certified used car dealers

It is frustrating to know that even after choosing a certified used car with all inspection reports and paying a hefty amount of money to the used car dealer may result a poorly maintained car with much less value. Buyer doesn’t get guarantee and hence peace of mind in buying a used car as in case of new cars. This is why a buyer always try to purchase a new car instead of a second hand car.

We, at CarSangrah, have created an innovative platform for buyers of used cars. Used cars purchased online at comes with a 5 days money back guarantee. Yes, buyer can really return the car and get his money back if he finds anything misleading or fraud in the car within 5 days. This has become possible with our in-house developed technology which enables sellers to post only genuine cars. Sellers of used cars with any issue in the car are discouraged to post it online at

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