How are cars on CarSangrah different from others?

We, at CarSangrah, want to make your used car buying experience a complete hassle free. Just select a car of your budget and pay online we will handle everything else (car delivery, paper transfer, return if required etc.)

Why we don’t offer certified cars?

Certified cars are not always good. People pay heavy price for certified cars to have peace of mind. But sometimes, the car is found to be defective and sometimes even accidental. After purchase, you can’t do anything. But if you purchase from CarSangrah and find some problem, you can return the car and get your 100% money back. No question is asked.

What is 5 days money back guarantee?

You purchased the car and then found that the ODO meter was rolled back and seller’s information was incorrect. Or if you find any other issue you can contact us to return the car and get 100% refund. Even if you find everything is OK and still want to return, you are welcome, just pay the rental charges of the car and return the car.

Do you offer car loan?

No. But you can apply for used car loan at our site and get instant confirmation. To apply for car loan, click here.

Apply Instant Car Loan

Can I contact seller directly?

You need not contact seller any time. We are here to help you for any issue.

How to find suitable car for me?

First point is to finalize your budget and then car model based on registration year and KMs driven. There are also some other points to keep in mind like color, fuel etc.. Only point you need NOT worry is finding false details as promissed by seller. Yes, you have option to return the car in case you don’t like it. No question asked!

How to make payment?

We have all payment options. 1. pay online 2. pay offline (check, DD, cash, Direct bank transfer)

How to get paper transfered in my name?

We have facility to transfer all the papers for your name. You can get this by paying small service charge for this.


Is there any commision or brokerage you are taking for selling?

No, We do not take any commision or brokerage. We have other means like (service charge for paper transfer and car loan) to keep going.

How will I get paid for my car?

We will transfer car payment into your bank account as soon as buyer accepts the car within 5 days.

How can I change the details of cars which I have uploaded for sale?

You can login to your account and go to manage car section. You will find the details of your cars here. You can edit details, delete listings and see status

What if buyer is not satisfied even after all details of car are correct?

If buyer is not satisfied with the car he will return the car and its rental charges based on car value and KMs driven.

How can I promote my car listing using social media?

you can find social media share links in car details page. just click and share with facebook , twitter google+.

What if buyer returns a car after geting damage or accident?

In case any accident happens during 5 days period, buyer will be responsible for this legally. seller is not liable for this. If any damange occurs, buyer will pay for this.

How much time will it take to get payment in my account?

We will transfer car payment into your bank account as soon as buyer accepts the car within 5 days. It may take 5 more days to reflect into your bank account.