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Which are the Best Selling Used Car to Buy in Delhi-NCR

It is now increasingly becoming more popular to buy used cars as compared to new cars. There are many benefits of buying used cars. But the main reason why some people are hesitating to buy used cars is the difficulty...

Blog Posted on:-February 23, 2017
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Planning to buy used cars in Delhi & NCR? Read This

People are now changing their mind-sets while buying cars. Now more and more people are purchasing used cars rather than new cars. There are many benefits of buying used cars. They want to use their hard earned  money effectively to...

Blog Posted on:-January 30, 2017
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How to Sell a Car for Maximum Price?

Are you not getting correct price of your car? Selling a car has always been headache for all of us. This process involves a lot of hard work. You have to go to various dealers, or post the car ads...

Blog Posted on:-October 18, 2016
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Tips And Advice For Buying A Used Car In Delhi

In last few years, New Delhi has come on top with respect to used cars and automobiles. The city has a huge network of car dealers, buyers, as well as sellers which is why it took just a little push...

Blog Posted on:-September 29, 2016
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Best Way to Buy Used Cars in Delhi

So the first step is finding a used car. Below are the common places you can find a used car: a. Used car dealership – TrueValue, First Choice etc. Cars are nicely maintained and cleaned, any easily observable fault are...

Blog Posted on:-August 3, 2016
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Why should you buy a used car?

So, you have decided to buy a car. Now next question is whether to go for new or used car? Well, that depends on your requirements. When answering this question, each one you must find your own life and financial...

Blog Posted on:-June 7, 2016
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Which car should I buy, Petrol or Diesel?

Best way to find the answer to this question is to know the difference between petrol and diesel version of the car. Earlier diesel cars were having discomfort of high noise as compared to petrol cars. But, Now a days, Comfort...

Blog Posted on:-April 13, 2016
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List of New Cars Launched in Auto Expo 2016

Auto Expo 2016 is one of the biggest event in India for car lovers. This event attracts visitors from India as well as other countries. All major auto companies and auto parts related companies showcase their product in this event....

Blog Posted on:-February 11, 2016
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Points to remember before buying a used car

Sellers tend to show the condition of the car in much better condition than really it is. It is of best practice to buy used car from reliable dealer or online through CarSangrah. Anyway you should check following points before...

Blog Posted on:-October 5, 2015
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How to buy second hand cars

I am sure you must have got a shock when anyone suggested you to buy a used car. Isn’t it? There are so much problems with used cars. Right? After purchasing the car, what can I do if found that...

Blog Posted on:-October 5, 2015
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