How to protect car interiors from fungus (mould) during rainy season in India

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Much awaited rainy season has arrived in India. This is the most loved season by kids and children. But, sometimes, this can become headache if you are not taking care of your car properly. In this lockdown period due to pandemic COVID-19, we are not able to take our car for outing. So, mostly it will be parked in a shade and hence you need to follow some important points to take care of your car in lockdown.
One of the side effects of the rain is the fungus or mould in the interiors and exterior of the car. This can be a serious health hazard if not taken seriously. If you are allergic to asthma, you must read further how protect car interiors from fungus.

protect car interiors from fungus

First, let’s understand the mechanism of the fungus generation

Main culprit in the generation of fungus is humidity. During rainy season, window might be slightly opened. Sometimes, few drop of water or other liquid items, food grains under the car seats or wet clothes are left in the car without our attention. They can create and further grow inside the car. So, before leaving the car locked for long duration you need to properly check the interiors.

Now, how to clean it?

There are several methods to clean the fungus. You need not try all the methods. It will be confusing a lot. The best and simple method is to clean it with white vinegar. You must be having it in your kitchen otherwise get it from nearest kirana store. Fill this white vinegar in a spray bottle (may be an empty colin spray bottle) and mix water in a ratio of 3:1. This will make cleaning a lot easier and fun.
Spray in a small portion of the car interior and wait for 10 seconds and wipe with a clean cloth (preferably cotton). Slowly continue cleaning the complete car. After this keep the car door and windows open in keep it parked for some time in direct sunlight. It will help in removing the bad smell of the vinegar as well as that of fungus.

How to prevent the fungus to grow again?

Here are some of the important point to remember:
1. Moisture or humidity is the main source of the fungus accumulation. While parking for prolonged duration, keep in mind to thoroughly check the interior of the car.
2. Check if windows are slightly opened.
3. While driving next time, always avoid eating in the car (Though, it may be difficult if you have kids).
4. Try to use dehumidifier in the AC sometimes before parking it.
5. You need to pay special attention if you live near sea sore.

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